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Monday, February 22, 2010

Permanant make up

Permanant make up is basically tattooing make up onto the face , this can save alot of time for busy woman or ,woman with sparce thin eye brows ,also great for people who do sports eg water sports . permanant make up is something you should think about seriously as it is practically irriversable unless you spend a fortune on laser therapy . The eyebrows can be filled with ink the same as your hair colour and it would be applied like tiny strands of hair so it will look like real brows ,for woman who have thin eyebrows this can really make a difference as it frames the face and makes the eyes appear brighter and wider.you should really think about what kind of shape you want and always go with your natural hair colour as time and fashion changes you dont want your eyebrows looking ridiculous.so keep it natural .same with eye liner , dont go for something too durastic maybe go for something fine just a small line in the rot of the lashes to add definition , permanant lip make up is something i find looks really obvious but is you are someone who really has no lips and wants something to make them look a little bigger then this does work but be careful with the colouring again here and go for something the same as your lip colour not lipstick .
The make up is applied using a fine needle with pierces the skin at a rapid rate inserting ink under the skin , this is permanant and after a few days will begin to scab up , it is very very important not to pick these scabs as it will result in scars which may be obvious to others .These scabs are minor and really shouldnt be sore , the most you should feel is a little itching ,applying vasoline or preparation H is great for this as it softens the scab making it fall off quicker easing itching also as the skin is not as dry .
if it is the eyes that ar scabbing you wouldnt be able to add preparation h or anything that may irritate the eyes so just adding vasoline here is fine .

when selecting somewhere to get this done it is important that you see there work and really shop around look for reviews from previous clients in the salon  and making sure they are insured to do the procedure is a must .after all this is your face were talking about .

go to this site and click photos then either eyes lips or eyeliner to view before and after pictures of each procedure

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