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Monday, February 22, 2010

spots on chin area

Spots on the chin are very common ,your chin is where we get a symptom when something is happening with our ovaries ie your menstral cycle this is completely normal .Its all due to an imbalance of hormones during this time .
Try austrailian bush woman flower essence bought from your local health store .
Negative Condition:
• Mood swings
• Weary
• Physical dislike
Positive Outcome:
• Female balance
• Calms & stablises
• Coping with change
Try eating more whole foods the week coming up to this time of the month like porridge for breakfast ,drink plenty of water and try boiled water with a slice of fresh lemon first thing in the morning ,lemon is a natural antiseptic ,an anti bacterial face wash also helps but use daily and keep good skin care routine also check my blog for more remedies.
and you will be feeling like the beautiful woman you always were again .

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