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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

make up tips for woman who wear glasses

There are different techniques that you can use when you are applying make up ,you should take into account the way that the lenses on your glasses make your eyes appear , where does the light hit and where is there shade?to others the eyes may appear smaller on near sighted wearers and far sighted lenses make them appear larger.some frames can make the eyes appear to have dark circles because of the shadows that are casted through the lense ,you can use a concealer for this salmon or pale pink lightens the bluish colour under the eyes ,to help prevent smudging on the nose use a podwer over your make up here or using a mineral foundation will help with this problem .some times if you wear eye liner on the top lid this can look strange when wearing glasses ,were as if you apply it to the bottom lid only it will balance out this is because of the angle that the lense alllows light through.when wearing mascara the lenses can sometimes rub it off or make it look uneven ,to avoid this follow the same rule as eyeliner and emphasise more on the bottom lashes , and just add a little to the top .
when you apply blusher suck your cheeks in and apply the blush to the sunken parts of your face to make the natural cheek bone stand out , this can sculpt the face so that the glasses arent always the main focus .
check your make up in different lights to ensure it is even then check with your glasses on , using a magnified mirror can be great for applying makeup after you take your glasses off ,and having a light can also help .

colours to use on the eyes vary from person to person , light golden and nude colours may seem plain but really stand out when you put your glasses on as seen in this video tutorial

and for a more night time look have a look at this video .

i have added some of the make up used in these tutorial ie the cream shadows to our online store for all of you woman who wear glasses to give you a proper look at how to do these steos easily  .this store is at the bottom of the website pg 9 onwards is all the make up listed


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