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Friday, February 26, 2010

Night time party look

night time party look ( spending time at this really pays off )

firstly apply moisturiser all over the face and neck and leave for about ten minutes .
Then squeeze or pour about a pea sized amount of foundation onto the back of your hand and apply all over the face as you would your moisturiser again dont drag the skin or use harsh strokes as this will eventually sag the skin and using forceful strokes can make the foundation uneven and rubbed off in places ,blend around the jaw line with your finger tips and always check your hairline around the forehead ,ears and brows . when you are happy with the application blot a good amount of translucent powder under the eyes this will look reaally silly but we will be removing it later so dont worry ,
for the eyes i nearly always use the same colours either silver shimmer shadow and dark brown and black or cream shimmer and brown . If you are wearing a bright colour like blue or something i would usually apply this colour as a subtle eyeliner instead of an eye shadow .
firstly use a soft small brush or your index finger can be just as good and apply the lightest colour starting at the inner eye and smooth out to the outer eye stopping at the crease or fold of the lid , please bear in mind the eyes can loo really messy at first when using dark colours and can fall all over the cheeks and under your eyes but we will fix that at the end !! then moving onto your dark brown apply to a small soft brush look straight into the mirror and using more pressure apply the shadow to the crease or fold of the eye starting with the outer corner sweeping into the centre of the crease moving the brush back and forward untill even ,your face will still look messy at this stage , I would use black pencil here but you can pick a different colour if you wish ,simply apply the miner by pulling the bottom of your eye down and put it all along the inner eye leaving the tear duct on the inside corner clear .
next get your liquid liner and starting on the top eye lids gently and slowly run the liner along your lash line all the way from the start of the lash line to the end on the outer corners .
getting your small shadow brush again dip a tiny amount of black shadow and sweep it into the crease almost digging it into your lid just a tiny bit not moving any further then the outer lid to add a little more definition .
if you have silver or a neutral shimmery shadow simply apply a little to either a small brush or cotton bud and run it along the bottom corner on your inner eye bringing it around the tear duct and up just to the start of the top lid ,this will make your eyes appear more awake and brighter .
using your powder brush look up and sweep off the powder under the eyes that i told you to apply earlier this just makes it easier to remove fallen eye shadow dust without ruining your make up! keep sweepng until all the loose powder is gone and brush anywhere that there is shadow particals on the face .
then apply a good amount of mascara ,doing this slowely and having patience really pays off . then apply a little to the bottom lashes . if you get any on the skin simply lick or dampen a cotton bud and lightly remove .
lastly apply a pale lip gloss i wouls always use opaque neutral pink or any light colour s as this will make your eyes stand out even more .
Then your done and ready to go .
apply a bronzing powder to the neck and chest and lightly over the face if needed

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