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Friday, February 26, 2010

5 minute make up routine

If you have great skin you can apply your make up even quicker by using a bronzer and sweeping it all over the face and neck using light circular strokes ,or a good tinted moisturiser will moisturise the skin while adding colour .Skip step two if using bronzer and skip step one and two if you using tinted moisturiser.

you will need
moisturiser,concealer,foundation,powder,blush,brown eyeshadow,mascara,gloss or lipstick ,cotton bud ,small shadow brush.

1.Moisturise - usually you should leave the moisturiser until it is absorbed into the skin but we dont have time when were running out the door at the last minute. 20 seconds
2.Concealer-apply only were its needed like around the fold of the nose ,blemishes like spots and under the eyes ,dab quickly until it is even . 30 seconds
3.Foundation-dont have time for a foundation brush so pour a little onto your finger tips and massage into the skin using light strokes ,dont rub hard as this will make it uneven ,apply just like moisturiser .quickly rub around the hairline to ensure there is no white marks or patches and the jawline .1 minute
4.Powder-lightly dust your brush, blow off excess powder and glide over the face you can skip this step if you like a dewy glow.10 seconds
5.Blush-dab a small amount of blush onto your brush and sweep over the apples of your sheeks while smailing move from the apples up towards the hairline at the ear and sweep down twice on both sides remember to blow off excess powder before hand also .If you use cream blush dap a little a blot until absorbed (skip using powder if your using cream blush as it may clump. 30 seconds
6.Eyeliner -keep it simple use pencil on the inner eye lid then dip a fine brush into a dark brown or black eyeshadow and glide the shadow along the lasline on the top lids just as you would with a liquid liner starting from the inner corner where your lashes start to the outer corner where they finish( if you dont have a small brush use a cotton bud ).50 seconds
7.Mascara- avoid applying mascara to the bottom lashes and looking straight into the mirror hold the brush side ways with the nib pointing towards your nose and gently blink your lashes against the brush once or twice on each eye .1 minute
8.Brows-dip a small brush into a light brown eyeshadow and really lightly and quickly brush over the hair on the brows ,not on the skin brush with and eyebrow brush if needed.30m seconds
9.pick up your favourite,lipstick,gloss,or tinted balm and apply to the lips and your good to go . dont go too dramatic for the day time , my favourite is a frosted pale pink for this time of day .10 seconds

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