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other questions and answers and feedback comments

misssixty Posted: 27/02/2010

hi, hope u can help with this, i am using the clarins body oil, the tonic one. would you need to use a moisturiser with this.

beauty 2010: 27/02/2010
hi miss sixty ,depending on how dry your skin is ,it is really your preference ,i know the clarins tonic obsorbes quickly but this still would be moisturising the skin,you could then overload your pores unnessesarily with products ,if you feel your skin is not dry after using the oil then i would nt use moisturiser aswell

beauty2010 Posted: 27/02/2010

hi Hash ah thanks alot ,i only set it up a months or two ago and i only done it because someone on here said it would be a good idea now with all the responses im delighted i did ,not making more then a few cents from it but im enjoying it , and hopefully when i get more people viewing ill be able to make something for myself :)
fingers crossed and thanks again appreciate it :)
beauty 2010:)

Hash Posted: 26/02/2010
Well done you have a fantasic site, I will deffinatly be keeping an eye on it and reccommending it to friends. Good luck.

beauty2010 Posted: 26/02/2010
 Hi mama 26 ,the expiration date on make up is only a rule of thumb and is not guaranteed as soetime the conditions that we keep our make up in are not the ideal temp etc,or if the product was opened in store a few times for customers to look at it ,this would fast forward the
expiration date , do you use a spmonge or a foundation brush ? if you use a sponge this could be one of the reasons for your make up going off ,sponges can help in the process of your makeup going off early as they carry an awful lot of bacteria,if you use a spmoge you should wash it weekly with mild shampoo and discard monthly this is a must ,and foundation brushes should be washed every two months in the same mild detergant or shampoo.this will not only help your make up but will help your skin too .
i cannot say for certain that your makeup is going off colour from bacteria but it may just have dried out a little if it was left in to high a temp or left opened sometimes ,if it is not oil based make up you can add alcohol free toner (a few drops ) and rub it in to the make up ,this will give you a creamier foundation and help it last a bit longer ,if it is oil based dont do this as it will separate .
your probably better off in the long run with a liquid foundation these tend to last longer and you dont have the worry of bacteria and germs getting inside .

hope this helps
kind regards
beauty 2010
thank you for your questions :)

mama26 Posted: 25/02/2010
Hi, just wondering about a compact make-up. I have a Clin**ue one and it has all changed colour in the centre of the compact. I have it about six months. Although it says that it can be used for 24 months after opening could this discolouration be due to bacteria??

beauty2010 Posted: 23/02/2010
no problem at all sharry im glad i could help

sharry Posted: 23/02/2010
Thank you so much beauty 2010 for that info & the links on the rosacea section - it really is a great helps.
Thanks again x

beauty2010 Posted: 23/02/2010
hi d11mam ill do a post up for you today on my blog ill post here and pm you when it is done :)
beauty 2010

d11mam Posted: 23/02/2010
Hi, wondering if you can recommend anything for a wrinkly forehead?? Any magic creams or something that I should include in my diet. Thanks
beauty2010 Posted: 22/02/2010
hi sherry and lively thanks alot really glad you were happy with the site i have been delayed in getting back to people this weekend as i was away so i will be replying to everyone today , im really sorry i feel awful for not getting back to you all asap .
i will answer your questions properly tonight if thats ok as i have two thers i need to get to straight away and i promise by morning everyone will be answered .
sorry for the delay again ladies and thank you so much for all of your questions and feedback its much appreciated :)
beauty :)

Hi beauty 2010.

I have had a look at your site & WOW. its brilliant. What an amount of time, knowledge & work you have put into it. Fair play.

Im suffer with rosacea & have read your blog on it. However I was wondering if there are specific cleaners & moisturiers you can recommend & a particular range of make up?

My heart is broken with this condition as is my wallet trying to find produts that help. I know nothing will ever cure it but Im looking for products that will help.

Thanks in advance. x

Hi beauty2010,

wondering if you could give me advice.. i suffer from excema and am very allergic to immac, it actually cracks my skin.. if i shave my legs, within a couple of days the regrowth itches me terribly, have tried epilator and waxing and am left with boil like spots on my legs which can last for a couple or weeks and are very very noticable and painful.. i am seriously contemplating getting laser treatment.. what would you advise?? i dont know where to go or if it would work, i know it is expensive and wold be willing to pay if i thought it would be a success... What do you think??

Thanks in advance
Lively x