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Saturday, January 30, 2010

ingrown hairs

Alot of people suffer from the odd ingrown hair ,these can be easily removed by showering in warm water or holding a warm cloth over the area then sterilise tweezers and pull the hair out sometimes you may need to squeeze to pop the hair out first .
on the other hand some men and woman suffer fom the all of the time in large areas ie the legs , if the skin is bumpy and red it may be follicolitis this is inflamation of the follical , if you want to try to get rid of this take my advice and take a break from shaving and waxing to let the hair grow out for longer , try shaving instead of waxing as this can damage the inflamed area more . I know its expensive but only use your rasor three times any more then this scratches the skin thus inflaming the area and aggrivating it further more ,
so take a break for as long as you can , have a long shower or bath before shaving ALWAYS as this softens the hair , exfoliate at the beginning of your shower and a minute or two before you get out shave with a new blade , always apply tea tree oil or antiseptic to red or inflamed areas to stop infection and apply plenty of moisturiser to the skin .
if you stick to this you should see a big improvement .


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Ingrown hair removal New York City said...

Shaving creams and moisturizing lotion may help to keep the skin and the pores soft for the hair not to get trapped in the hair follicle.