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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Rosacea is a skin condition where the cheeks look flushed ,pink and sometimes have acne break outs ,this condition can often be miss diagnosed as acne or other skin problems . try one of the steps below to help improve your skin condition , it does not normally completely go away but can be dramatically improved .Use apple cider vinegar ONLY when you have the papules and postules.(break out ) It is too drying and it can cause the condition to worsen. Diluting it is a good idea. mix two teaspoons of apple cider, one teaspoon of purified water and add no more than two drops of tea tree oil and dab it on the affected area with a an organic cotton ball. leave it on for about ten minutes or so and then rinse with purified water. Follow with a good mosturizer for sensitive skin and one that contains ingredients known to help rosacea sufferers such as licorice, feverfew, green tea, colloidal oatmeal, lavender, chamomile, calendula, licochalcone, arnica montana,white willow bark, jojoba oil, and many others.Changing your pillow case every 2 nights. use one side the first night, flip the case the next night, then on the third night, replace it with a fresh case. Results: The first 3 days, immediate improvement. The next few days, may go back to usual. In day 8; after you have experimented for a week. you should wake up and for the first time in years, your face should look almost perfectly normal in shade and acne bump s(break out) should dramatically improve.
Prescription antibiotics are often effective and are often prescribed. They can be taken by mouth of applied as ointments or gels.
Sulfur creams for Rosacea (Sulphur Ointments) are very effective and AVOID the problems associated with antibiotic use. They are also often effective when antibiotic treatment has failed.
Proper skin care and avoidance of trigger factors is also important to effectively control rosacea.
This is a list of common trigger factors that may cause your facial skin to flare up if you have
High Temperatures, including Spas and Saunas
Spicy Foods
Cold Weather and Winds
Astringent(like toners anything that closes the pores or alcohol) Cosmetics and Pimple Creams
Creams containing Cortisone
Medical problems: Diabetes will aggravate the condition

The following list of medications will delay healing with Sulphur based facial cream for Rosacea.
So check this list and if any apply to you try to stop them for a few weeks.-
Smoking/chewing tobacco (not a medication but 1 cigarette reduces blood flow by 50% to the skin) it is the nicotine that does it so the nicotine replacement gum and patches also fall into this category Cortisone. Do not use it. It has a very complex reaction in the body that will slow wound healing. Anti-inflammatory medications, e.g. brufen, nurofen, aspirin , ) Note: That aspirin in a dose of up to 100mg a day do not interfere with would healing
Colchicine (a gout medication)
Sun exposure: wear sunscreen and a hat, at least a peaked baseball hat, whenever you are outside and it is sunny

    Cleansing your Skin
    Avoid Soap.
    Use a gentle cleanser that does not dry the skin.A good daily non-drying skin wash for rosacea ,which you can buy at any pharmacy.
    Nutritional Supplements
    Some Nutritional supplements also help. vit c, zinc,rose hip ,liqourice,apple cider ,rutin and arnica ,lavender,chamomile,green tea
    Best cleansers,moisturisers and foundation for rosacea
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    Rosacea Treatment said...

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