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Friday, January 29, 2010

scaly blotchy arms ?

so many woman suffer with dry patches of skin on there arms usually on the tops and around the shoulders,tan clumps around these patches and in some cases they stay white in the sun and stand out like a sore thumb , there is a name for this and it is pitiriasis versicolour ( a fungal infection on the skin ) not serious and can easily be treated . go to your chemist and buy nisoral dandruff shampoo this is the only product on the market that has the ingredient to get rid of this fungal infection apart from tablets , simply use this as your shower gel on the arms every day for a week then once weekly o use at night as a cream and wash the next day
one of the causes for this is shampoos having too many chemicals try using natural shampoos this is why the patches usually form around the tops of the arms shoulders and back as it is the lenght of your hair
another MAJOR cause for this and i know because i have had it myself is from using sunshimmer instant tan , so many girls i know use it and have this problem ,so if you do STOP and go for sally hansen instead .
once i completely stopped using sunshimmer for good not even using it once every now and then ,the patches completely dissapeared and never came back , this is something i suffered with and felt consious of for years .stay away from any dove products also as these clog the pores and can take up to 5 months to leave the skin .

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