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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Safe removal of black heads

We all struggle from time to time with unwanted blackheads . heres i will explain the safest way to remove them without harming the skin .this same rule goes for white heads .
black heads are simply sebum (sweat) that clogs the pores and solidifies,thus making it hard to remove them .
One way is to get a large bowl of boiled water ,if doing this make sure it is on a safe high surface hold a towel over your head and bend your head over the bowl allowing the steam to hit your face for a few minutes . this can be a bit uncomforatable for some people as the steam goes up your nose and everywhere but if you can do it its the easiest way . leave your face over the steam for about 5 minutes. or stand in the bathroom with a sink full of hot water ,get a clean face cloth and hold over the area for a few minutes then rinse cloth and do the same again ,this can be done a number of times if needs be .
after you have steamed and patted your face for about 5 minutes wrap tissue around your index fingers on each hand and simply put one finger on each side of the black heads and push the fingers together ,you should see them pop out easily ,if after a minute or two they start to get stiff again simple steam or pat your face again for another few minutes and try again.try not to keep going over the same spot if it doesnt come out move onto another one and try the others again the next day . also you can do the same motion with cotton buds if the black heads are in an awquard place i.e the folds of the nose .
applying some tea tree oil afterwards can help clean out the pores as it is an anteseptic but dont worry if you dont have any .
THE RULE HERE IS TO STOP AFTER A FEW MINUTES and try again the next day ,dont keep pulling at the skin as this will swell and may turn into a pimple or scab if you tear or break skin .

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