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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

quick and easy hair treatment

the price of hair treatments breaking the bank ? you need not worry about it anymore ,so many of these treatments contain alcohol (i know ) this dries out the hair further so below is a cholesterol mask for fantastic shiny soft hair .

If you have a dryer GREAT if not put two towels on a hot radiator ,then grab some mayonnaise from the fridge and massage it all over your hair ,once massaged in thoroughly wrap cling film around your head to prevent dripping ,after you have done this take a hot towel from the dryer or radiator and wrap in around your hair for ten minutes ,then add the other towel and leave for another ten minutes ,shampoo and rinse as normal .

do this once a month to keep a beautiful shine on your hair , if you have very damaged hair you can do this once a week ,and if your hair is naturally oily just apply to the ends of the hair .

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