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Saturday, February 13, 2010

banishing bad odours

Foot odour
this is caused by bacteria reacting with the humididity from your shoes or socks ,try using shoes or footwear with breathable materials like canvas inside or leather ,and cotton socks .
how to treat this problem?
you may or may not have heard this one but tea is actually great for temporarily reducing or even banished odour from the feet , make a pot of tea adding 7 normal tea bags not herbal tea and steep your feet in a basin of the tea for approx 10-15 minutes at night ,dry off properly . tea contains tantic acid which temporarily inhibits bad odours , do this three times a week if needed.
secondly sprinkle zeasorb (over the counter product you can purchase this in our online store at the bottom of the page ) into your shoes every morning to absorb sweat ,stopping the bacteria multiplying causing odour .
Bad breath
this comes from the throast and back of the tongue so simply scraping the tongue wont get rid of this problem , you probably brush your teeth and use mouth wash all the time yet still suffer from bad breath ,bad breath is caused by sulpher compounds (this happens when bacteria is deoxegenated ,ie why we get bad breath after having our mouth closed for a long time , using alcohol based mouth wash causes this also , eating onions and garlic as we all know causes bad breath this is also because these food contain sulpur compound too .
how can i help this ?
you can help this problem by still using the same routine of brushing daily ,make sure you floss and odour gets trapped inside the gaps in the teeth,instead of using alcohol based mouth wash ,buty one which has chlorine dioxide,use morning and night , drink water throughout the day to keep the mouth oxegenated .doing these small things can dramatically improve if not banish bad breath .
some people suffer alot with sweating this can cause embarrasment for alot of people , if the problem is extremely bad i would advise you to consult a doctor as it could be a number of things like over active thyroid or you may even need your sweat gland tied although this is only in severe cases ,botox is also available for this problem .
how do i treat it ?
Simple , towel dry under your arms at night before bed and apply Drysol by patting it over the area ,wash the solution off in the morning but Dont add more deoderant leave it clean and apply drysol again at night , if you dont see an improvement you may think about consulting your gp.

note : all of these products are in our online store at the bottom of the website .

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