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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eye brow shaping

Eye brow shaping is actually quite easy once you know how ,here are some simple steps to follow to create the perfect eye brow shape for your face .
Refer back to the picture  to follow guidelines easily .
firstly you will need a cuticle stick/pencil/anything that is long and slim and same width the whole way down, you ll also need a light coloured eyeliner for marking your measurments .
now your almost ready , stand in front of the mirror .
Step1line the cuticle stick up with the outside of your nostril see(A) on the picture ,holding the stick against your face ,line up with the inner tear duct on the eye as seen in pic A ,and follow on up to the eyebrows. Mark brow with pencil and tweeze any hairs that go past this line in this case to the left of the picture .
Step 2looking directly into the mirror straight ahead ,holding the stick in the same place on the nose ,angle the stick to the right lining it up with the outer line of the pupil ,this
 will then point the stick to the highest part of your brows ,thus showing you where your arch should be located,mark this with your pencil again ,always tweeze in the direction of your hair growth not against as this can distort the follicle making the hairs grow back in all different directions , to tweeze a nice arch gradually tweeze a fine amount of hairs while taking a few more along the way as you get to your arch this will make the brows higher thus opening the eyes more ,remember never over pluck , only spend a few minutes on each brow.
Step3holding the stick still in the same position at the nose ,move the top of the stick further to the right (depending on which eye your working im just using the picture as an example)this time stopping at the outer corner of the eye refer back to diagram , mark the brow with pencil again and this time tweeze anything to the left of the mark this is to show the lenght in which your brows should be .

Remember apply bonjella if your find tweezing too painful ,leave for a few minutes ,wipe and tweeze painfree :)

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