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Friday, March 5, 2010

Dry patches of skin on the face

The skin is a great indicator that something is wrong on the inside ,and having dry patches of skin is one of these indicators,there are many different reasons for dry patches and some need be assesed by a GP if necessary.
One reason is seborrhoiec dermatitis,a type of eczema.This occurs on the face and scalp in red like scaly and flaky patches also known to many of us as cradle cap,there are many factors that can trigger this condition ie ,genetics,hormones and the enviornment ,another common factor of seborrhoeic dermatitis is lack of biotin in the system,vit B6 and B12 .This is easily treated with topical cream s which are only on prescription ie cortisone creams etc .

Contact dermatitis would be recognised usually after using something different ie perfumes or lotions ,and can be itchy,dry and red sometimes with blisters. usually doesnt last for long .

Dehydration is a big factor in dry skin ,and can cause random patches of skin on the face also , not drinking enough water really affects the skin ,consuming too many caffinated drinks or foods,fizzy drinks and sugary foods can also dehydrate the skin .

Always have a strict regime when it comes to your skin ,wash your face or cleanse every morning ,tone and moisturise with creams not lotions if over the age of 25 as lotions are not thick enough to give your skin what it needs ,use pure vit E under these moisturisers or on its own to treat the problem ,this repairs and heals the skin from the inside out keeping your skin in great condition ,Vit E can be used for a wide variety of skin problems i would recommend pure vitE capsules instead of a bottle ,this is because each time you use it you can burst a capsule and have the oil fresh every time ,where as bottles tend to lose there goodness when opened daily.Try to tay away from face wipes also ,even the fragrant free ones all of thee tend to deydrate the skin further .and never use saop on the skin unless it is organic natural cleansing soap from a health store .

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is extremely common in many woman ,it may be the whole face or just certain parts ,we all buy into products that tell us they get rid of or treat this proble but honestly using natural organic products is the bes thing to use when you are sensitive .natural oils and creams are hardly going to aggrivate your skin are they ??
100% raw virgin Coconut oil is fantastic on sensitive skin ,it has a high content of Lauric Acid  a fatty acid that provides antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.  coconut oil can help to treat Candida, nail fungus infections, dandruff and has shelf life up to several years. It is good to use for sensitive skin and it can also improve skin conditions such as; psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema as together with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties it is an excellent moisturiser for making your skin feel better.The higher the percentage of pure coconut oil the better its is for your skin .
Scrubs for sensitive skin can also be hard to come by especially ones that dont make the proble worse ,using natural honey and oatmeal (ade at hoe ) as a scrub works very effectively ,the oatmeal scrubs the dead skin cells away while the honey nourishes and acts as a natural antiseptic on the skin .use at least twice a week .
other natural oils that work wonders on sensitive skin ,including lavender and primrose oil ,vit e is great on all skin types to maintain and keep healthy skin .
remember daily cleansing (honey and oatmeal)not soap or even organic natural soap will work . daily toning ,rosewater,and moisturising with pure vit e and coconut oil will result in healthy dewy skin